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Sales forecasts that are accurate and precise are necessary in order to anticipate which countries will offer opportunities and to establish annual targets.

Providing a comprehensive global pharmaceutical five-year outlook with 200+ top line country forecasts, Market Prognosis Global will help you identify, evaluate and project key issues affecting countries and support strategic planning and corporate decision-making, at country, regional and global level.

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In the October 2019 release, discover:

  • The challenges and opportunities propelling global pharmaceutical market expansion at a CAGR of 4.7% over the five years to 2023.
  • How the stronger growth in pharmerging markets will bring the group's contribution to global market growth over the next forecast period close to that of the major developed markets.

  • Why, despite the global economic slowdown, complex political landscape and uncertainties of Brexit, the EU pharmaceutical market will continue to post robust growth.

  • What is driving the LATAM pharmaceutical region growth to reach double digits over the next five years despite a mixed economic outlook and political risk.

  • How efforts to broaden access to subsidised healthcare are being stepped up, although at varying degrees of pace throughout the Indian sub-continent region.